Fully Integrated System

The system comes complete with acquisition unit with 2D and 3D camera, state-of-the-art intuitive software and milling unit. MyCrown Design guides you through each step of the process for easy acquisition, proposal and creation of the desired restoration. The MyCrown Mill with dual spindles completes the process by creating the pre-approved design, ready for use.

Fast and Easy to Use

The intuitive guided software ensures fast and easy operation of the unit. The step-by-step guided process guarantees quick planning and smooth delivery of a beautiful milled crown or other supported restorations.

Grow Your Clinic

Grow your clinic like never before with MyCrown CAD/CAM system! Allowing to create the most common restorations in general dentistry - crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges – in one visit it is an excellent solution to take control of your dental practice and invest in new services and equipment.


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